10 September – 24 December 2019

Meşher, Istanbul

21 February – 5 April 2020
Messums Wiltshire

A major exhibition of international contemporary ceramic sculpture is opening at the Koç Foundation in Istanbul in September, highlighting the enduring importance of the handmade and ancient mythology in art.

The exhibition, Beyond the Vessel; myths and metamorphosis in contemporary ceramics will demonstrate how ancient myths – many of them born on the isthmus where the exhibition is being held – have echoed down the generations and now form the basis for an intriguing new wave of sculpture that combines technical virtuosity and fine modelling in clay with story-telling.

Istanbul remains a crucible of civilisation; its influence extending far into Europe and beyond and this show, which positions the heritages of the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Christians, Greeks and Romans side by side, demonstrates the enduring potency of historic narratives manifested in the most elemental and universal artistic material there is.

It focuses on how clay, often used simply to manufacture vessels and other utilitarian objects, is one of the compelling vehicles for expression in the hands of artists whose work couple exceptional skill and vision.

The exhibition includes works by fourteen artists from nine countries including: Sam Bakewell, Bertozzi & Casoni, Christie Brown, Phoebe Cummings, Bouke de Vries, Elsa Sahal, Kim Simonsson, Jorgen Haugen Sorensen, Carolein Smit, Hugo Wilson, Klara Kristalova, Malene Hartmann Rasmussen and Vivian van Blerk.

Catalogue essays by Glen Brown, Professor of Fine Art at Kansas University and Paul Greenhalgh, Director of the Sainsbury Centre in the UK are featured in a full colour 300-page catalogue featuring photographs by Sylvain Deleu.

Curated by Catherine Milner in conjunction with Messums Wiltshire, Beyond the Vessel will be held between 10 September – 24 December 2019 at the Meşher gallery in Istanbul.

Notes to editors:

The Koç Foundation’s gallery Meşher is at Cad No 211 Istiklal, Beyoglu Istanbul.

Please contact Hannah Hooks for further information at hannah.hooks@messumswiltshire.com

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